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Resource Limits

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Resource Limits

CPU Speed Memory I/O Speed IOPS Entry Processes Total Processes
FastPerfect for most independent and personal websites 100% 512MB 10MB/Second 1024 20 100
TurboAdvanced hosting for ecommerce or websites requiring more resources 100% 768MB 20MB/Second 2048 40 200

SpruceHost uses the CloudLinux system to monitor resource use. Accounts which use an extreme level of resources, at our discretion, may be subject to suspension or require an upgrade to a new plan. Some examples of extreme resource use include, but are not limited to:

a) Use 100% or more of system CPU resources for longer than 60 seconds, or 10% of the servers CPU resources for longer than 5 minutes.
b) Use of any kind of distributed computing software.
c) Run any type of interactive real-time chat applications that require server resources. Remotely-hosted services are fully allowed.
d) Run stand-alone, unattended server-side processes at any point in time on the server. This includes daemons.
e) Run any file sharing, bit torrent or other P2P network services, client or server software.
f) Run any gaming servers.